About Me

I'm a cooking fanatic who bypasses recipes and opts for concocting. I'm a travel-lover who'd rather hug a tree than almost anything else. Though a yoga neophyte, I would happily embrace poserdom in head to toe Lulu if I could afford it. My weaknesses are hot drinks of any kind, anything featuring Clooney and YA (young adult) fiction (yes I'm 27 and no, I am not embarrassed). My strengths are a completely out of perspective, constant sense of competition and a strong stubborn streak to match...I'm kind of hoping that they will get me through this whole marathon thing.

On running...
With short legs and a long torso, I've never considered myself "a runner." As a lifelong soccer player, I always could run, but never reveled in it unless there was a ball involved. Post college, I became a CrossFitter and am now apparently becoming a marathoner. I have a couple half marathons under my belt, but haven't run a step over 13.1 miles and am definitely a little nervous about the fact. I was presented with this once in a lifetime opportunity (my sister in law offered me her bib) to not only run the Boston Marathon, but have it be my first marathon. With only 14 weeks to train for Boston, it will be an interesting journey and probably an even more interesting result. Follow my journey to Boston and enjoy not being in my shoes :)  Any words of wisdom are welcome!

Even in the noxious fumes of a Nicaraguan volcano, you won't
be able to drag me off Graham...


  1. wowza! good for you! i cant believe you are running boston and i can't believe your sis in law gave you her bib! good luck, looking forward to following you training, what an amazing opportunity!

  2. Thanks! It was such an awesome opportunity that I couldn't pass it up. Thanks for following and for the support. Your site rocks!