Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Daunting Sunday

Sundays were usually a nice relaxing day for Graham and me. We'd sleep in, eventually waddle into the kitchen to make coffee and fight over the comics through bleary eyes. Once the caffeine kicked in, we'd fry up some bacon and whip up multi-grain pancakes and eggs with avocado. If we were motivated, we would hit up open gym at CrossFit West and if we weren't, we'd wander to Verve or The Abbey to drink some more coffee and read the afternoon away. Sundays were lovely days for us. They were.

Considering I'm already nervously mapping and re-mapping my long run tomorrow, it's safe to say that tomorrow will not be the languid, relaxed day that Sundays once were. And although I fuss, it's exciting too. After a few re-routes, this is the 13 miler I have planned out. This will equal the furthest I've ever run, so it will be interesting to compare to previous half marathon times. I'll post results after the run. As always, I'm shooting for a puke and dump free run, where I stay conscious the entire time and scream at zero strangers...fingers crossed!

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